Bauduy, Garesche & Co.

Owner: Ferdinand Bauduy, V. M. Garesché, E. I. du Pont, Peter Bauduy, Bernard Sassenay
Industry type: Textile mill
Location: Keg Mill site
Active dates: 1812-1814 (construction only)

Summary: On September 15, 1812, Peter Bauduy founded the wool-processing venture of Bauduy, Garesché & Co. for his son, Ferdinand. The company may have shared construction of a dam with Duplanty, McCall & Co., whose Hagley Cotton Mill was located directly across the Brandywine. Unfortunately, 25-year-old Ferdinand Bauduy died of pneumonia on January 21, 1814 and the mill was never finished. Victor and Charles I. du Pont paid $1,465.34 for the tools and stock in April of 1815. At that point, the mill site contained 38 acres of land, tenements, and the unfinished mill seat.

Citations: Boatman, Roy. The Brandywine Cotton Industry, 1795-1865. Hagley Research Report, 1957.