Research Seminars

For twenty years Hagley’s research seminars have brought innovative works-in-progress essays for wide-ranging discussions on Thursday evenings during the academic year.

Click for PDF version of the 2017-18 schedule

Hagley Research Seminar series, 2017-18

September 14: Alexandra Hui, Mississippi State University, "Making Muzak Natural: The sounds of life, death, and the lyre bird in the built environment, 1950–1970"

October 12: Emanuela Scarpellini, University of Milan, "The Invention of Democratic Beauty: Avon Products in Italy"

November 16: Marcus Allen, North Carolina A&T State University, “The Black Saver Paradigm: Understanding Black Capitalism in 19th Century Baltimore”

January 18: Dara Orenstein, George Washington University, “‘Free Ports for Refugees’: How the U.S. Turned a Warehouse for Duty-Free Garbanzo Beans into an Internment Camp for European Jews”

February 15: Adam Rome, University at Buffalo, “DuPont and the Limits of Corporate Environmentalism”

March 22: Kendra Smith-Howard, University at Albany, “The Messy Work of Cleaning Up: Economy, Policy, and the Disposable Diaper, 1936–1996”

April 26: Jessica Levy, Johns Hopkins University, "Black Empowerment, Global American Business, and the Post-Jim Crow/Apartheid City"

Seminars are open to the public and based on a paper that is circulated in advance. Those planning to attend are encouraged to read the paper before coming to the seminar. Copies may be obtained by emailing Carol Lockman, Seminars begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. and take place in the Copeland Room of Hagley’s library building.


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