African American Discoveries

The following segments from Dr. Memeger's oral history interview are edited for classroom use and focus on Memeger’s patents and discoveries, as well as their applications. Segments from interviews with other oral history subjects will be added at a later date.

Explanation of the Kevlar Molecule

Dr. Memeger explains how the molecule for PPD-T (Kevlar) is structured.

Contributions to the Development of Kevlar

Dr. Memeger discusses his contribution to the development of Kevlar

Products made from Kevlar

From tire cord to ballistic vests to deep-sea drilling cables, Dr. Memeger discusses some of the applications DuPont imagined for Kevlar. For more on DuPont’s development of markets for Kevlar, see our History of Kevlar oral history interview series.

Benefits of Molecular Modeling and Imaging

Dr. Memeger explores how crystalline structures presented a problem at the production phase of Kevlar, clogging spinnerets at manufacturing facilities. Using molecular models, he describes how further research isolated the crystals and determined their structure.

Discussion of Patents

Discussing the DuPont product Nomex, Dr. Memeger describes how modern products often rely on several patents. He explains how his work contributed in the application of Nomex in airline seat cushions, increasing inflight safety.