African American Film Series

Dr. Jeanne Nutter, who conducted the 2020 interview with Dr. Memeger, has collaborated with Hagley on a series of films about African Americans in Delaware. 

A Separate Place: The Schools P.S. du Pont Built

A documentary about the surprising story of the connection between Pierre S. du Pont's philanthropy and efforts by African Americans to obtain quality education. The film is based on compelling interviews with teachers and students whose lives span seventy-five years of African American education.


Edward Loper: African American Painter

This film is based on a 1998 oral interview with Edward Loper, one of Delaware's most celebrated cultural figures.


Conversations on African American History

Interviews with former students and teachers in the du Pont schools provide the source for a series of short films on African American history in Delaware. They feature recollections by four of the state’s African American leaders. Click here to watch the films