Company Chronology: 1861-1889

Camp Brandywine tents and layout1861-1865
The American Civil War

DuPont became one of the chief suppliers of black powder to the United States military during the Civil War.

Camp Brandywine was established to protect the DuPont gunpowder factory in Wilmington, Delaware.

Image: Layout of Camp Brandywine.

Lammot du Pont1861
Saltpetre Imported From England

Lammot du Pont traveled to London to negotiate the purchase of saltpetre for the United States government. These talks were critical to the Union war effort.

Image: Lammot du Pont (1831-1884).





Gunpowder label, Civil War era1866
Selling Wartime Surpluses

The U.S. government sold Civil War surplus gunpowder from 1866 to 1874. The powder drove down gunpowder prices, hurting DuPont and other domestic gunpowder manufacturers.

Image: DuPont gunpowder label from the Civil War era.

Alfred Nobel's patent1868
Alfred Nobel Patent's Dynamite

Alfred Nobel patented dynamite in the United States. The DuPont Company would later buy the rights to manufacture dynamite in the U.S.

Image: Alfred Nobel's patent for dynamite.

Photograph of Lammot du Pont1872
Gunpowder Trade Association Formed

Henry and Lammot du Pont (pictured) helped form the Gunpowder Trade Association. This group's purpose was to regulate America's explosives market.

The association elected Lammot du Pont as its first president. He forcefully argued the need for the GTA.

Image: Lammot du Pont photograph (1831-1884).



The California powder works, illustrated1876
Extensive Purchases and Expansion

The DuPont Company purchased controlling interest in gunpowder factories throughout the United States.

Image: The California Powder Works, Santa Cruz County, California. DuPont bought a controlling interest in this factory in 1876.

Men use a dynamite mixing machine1880
Start of Repauno Chemical Company

Lammot du Pont started the Repauno Chemical Company at Thompson's Point, New Jersey to manufacture dynamite. He died in an explosion there in 1884.

Image: Dynamite mixing machine at Repauno Works, 1884.

Eugene du Pont photograph1889
Death of Henry du Pont

Henry du Pont died on August 8, 1889. The company selected Eugene du Pont (pictured) to become the new head of the firm.

Image: Eugene du Pont photograph.