Workers in 1830

Powder yard workersWORKERS
Employees who worked all of 1830: 87
Workers hired: 4
Departed workers: 8
Temporary / non-yard workers: 29
Total employed by DuPont in 1830: 128

Average pay: $18.25

Total paid to employees: $22,885
Non-yard workers: $506

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How did workers spend their money in 1830?

Employee spending and saving pie chart. 51% savings, 30% cash, 8% boarding, 6% company store, the rest other.


Division of Labor in the DuPont Powder Yards, 1827 and 1828

This document, found among the papers of the DuPont Company, provides a breakdown of labor roles and number of individuals in those roles for the years 1827 and 1828. Most of the categories are easy to understand (powdermen, refinery, blacksmith, etc.) but questions remain about such roles as "mudhouse."

While the overall number of workers increased over the years, the variety of labor roles above changed little during the Antebellum era.

Ledger entry detailing the labor roles and number of people working them.