Fergus Noone: Life and Family

Petit Ledger entry for Fergus Noone, 1862

Fergus and Mary Noone came to Delaware from Ireland around 1847. Fergus worked for DuPont in the Hagley Yard, where he became a powderman on 29 October 1850. The Noones and their two sons belonged to the St. Joseph on the Brandywine Catholic Church. Fergus became a naturalized citizen of the United States on 8 June 1852. James Peoples, a longtime DuPont company clerk, sponsored Fergus' citizenship.

Fergus Noone did not follow many of his coworkers and neighbors into the military during the Civil War. He continued working for DuPont as a powderman in the Hagley Yard. Fergus contributed money for a fundraising drive in 1862 for the relief of soldiers' families and military widows and orphans.

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Image: Petit Ledger entry for Fergus Noone, 1862 (Hagley Digital Archives)